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“If there’s one thing we’re not, it’s an indie rock band!” As lead singer and guitarist Addison Chase makes clear, Dressed for the Occasion doesn’t seem to fit neatly into any single genre. While heavily influenced by raw delta blues, classic rock, folk, and rockabilly music, the rockers are constantly surprised by the types of people that end up liking them. The band was incredibly well received by the punk and hardcore scene while opening for street punk legends The Hudson Falcons, they’ve played with Foghat (the band behind the classic rock hit “Slow Ride”), they’ve played at weddings, and they’re “apparently huge in the car and biker scene now,” according to Chase and bassist Alex Ferrero. 

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The Deli New-England

Boston’s favorite road-house rock and roll band, Dressed for the Occasion, transports listeners to a fantastical world “somewhere out in the western desert” in their new single, The Devil’s Rodeo.  Two parts mythic adventure, one part pure escapism, this song hooks you from the first twang of the slide guitar. Lead singer Addison Chase imbues poetic lyrics with equal parts grit and soul and leads listeners down an enthralling rabbit hole, while electric guitarist Pat Hopkins’ explosive riffs dance with the promise of a dangerous adventure. 

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Dying Scene

Another band who has become my new favorite band since this last weekend was New Hampshire’s Dressed For The Occasion who have a great heartfelt punk and roll kinda country sound that really doesn’t choose a genre. Remember that name…Dressed For The Occasion, If my spidey senses tell me anything it’s that they may be the next Gaslight Anthem on the horizon. 

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Bill Copeland Music

New Hampshire’s own Dressed For The Occasion(Best in New Hampshire nominee) performed their single “The Simple Life” with a nice blend of acoustic and electric guitars. Nimble picking styles created a flowing wave of embraceable folksy notes. Vocalist Addison Chase belted out the ode to New Hampshire with a hearty vocal while lead guitarist Pat Hopkins ground out a lean, mean, fiery phrase. Dressed For The Occasion went straight into “Devil’s Rodeo,” a gritty acoustic guitar paving the way for Chase’s huge, booming vocal to soar across the auditorium. Rugged, raw, rootsy, the tune had a driving momentum that pulled people in with the suction they created as they roared past at the speed of sound. Hopkins played a solo line like he meant business. His phrasing was hot enough to peel paint off the walls. 

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True Brew Barista
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Iron Tails Saloon
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